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Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Tonight my roommate and I were talking about how we wanted to eat out and get the buffalo mac and cheese. But as I explained in my first post, we don’t like to spend a lot on our meals. We decided that we would try it ourselves! Brook was a HUGE fan! It was cheap, easy, and able to be made out of the few things we have in the fridge. Enjoy!


•Chicken breast (however much you have or want)

•One box of mac & cheese

•Buffalo sauce (we love “Cookies” brand)




• Cut chicken breast into small pieces and cook fully in a pan with buffalo sauce. Then make the mac and cheese according to the box. When both are cooked, put into a bowl and top with as much buffalo sauce as you would like!

*If you want breaded chicken, you could buy frozen boneless chicken wings and cover those in buffalo sauce as well!


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