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All About Me

Hello, my name is Hannah. I am a college girl who loves to cook but cannot always afford to make the meals that I would get at home. This blog is somewhere that people like me can come to get recipes and tips on the college life. My friends and I love to make quirky meals that taste amazing and don’t take such a hit on your bank account! Growing up my mother was the one who gave me my love for cooking and baking. She is an amazing woman who wanted to teach me the things her mother taught her. My grandma was a beautiful woman who loved to cook for her family. She made it her job to always have a homemade, warm meal for them. Seeing these two amazing women use cooking as their way of showing their family how much they loved them. In college, I have learned that you cannot always make things exactly the way they taught me, so I have taught myself and learned from others, to substitute and make things better. I hope these tips and recipes are as yummy to you as they are for my friends and I. Enjoy!


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