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To My Mom

I am lucky enough to have a mom, especially a mom like mine. My mother has always been my idol. She probably doesn’t even know it because I am the worst at talking about my feelings. I mean, I am writing about how great she is in a blog because I can never find the words when I am with her. So here’s my attempt at explaining how truly wonderful she is.

Throughout high school I had a girl in my class that was always mean to me, I would go to my parents and tell them something that she had done/said to me that day and they would let me explain my side. When I was finished, my mother would always say “you should feel bad for her, she has a lot going on in her life”. Me, being the young girl who was hurt in the moment, would get upset with that answer. Why should she get to be mean and I have to feel bad for her? Looking back at those nights, I realized she is right. Now as an adult, I see myself becoming more empathetic for those who are mean to me. Of course I still get upset, but then I realize that they must have something bigger going on in their lives. It also taught me that if I get upset at someone, I am only hurting myself by being upset.

My mother has always had my back. Once I graduated high school, I went down a bad path. I lost control of myself and my life. But guess who would always call and stop by? Guess who was always there when I got in trouble or needed help? My mother. I still have a lot of growing up to do, but at least I know that if I need someone to truly have my back or someone to talk to, she will always be there no matter how bad I have messed up. She is amazing that’s the only way that I can explain her.

Today is mothers day and to me I assume it is great for my mom because it’s all about her, I mean who doesn’t love a day about themselves? But my mom made me realize that she also thinks about her mother, my grandma who has passed away. That makes this day hard for her. When she told me this, I understood, but it also made me realize something. First, that all the kids in the world that are able to celebrate mothers day with their mothers, are truly blessed. Those who are not able to celebrate with their mothers are also blessed. Mothers are one in a million, and just having a mother whether they are here or not, is a blessing from God. Mothers who have passed will always be remembered, and it just shows that even if you only got to be with them for so long, you still have those memories, those conversations, those mothers days. So we should all be thankful, we can remember all those mothers who have gone up to heaven, but we should not be sad. You were lucky enough to have a wonderful person in your life that you can miss. Missing someone is an honor, and I hope that makes us children realize that we should cherish our time with our mothers, no matter how long.

To my mother;

You are the most beautiful, kind, funny, crazy, loud, and patient person I have ever had the honor of loving. I am so thankful that God put you on this planet and that I get to have you by my side throughout life. You have put up with a lot from me the last few years, and there are no words for how much I appreciate and love you. You are the best mom in the world (I may be a little bias) but I would not want anyone else to look up to. Thank you for teaching me how to bake, the importance of family, how to be patient and kind, when to stand up for myself, and most importantly empathy. I would not have made it through life and realized that I needed change without your constant help. Although I have slipped up and probably will in the future, you have stood by me and treat me like I am still the Hannah I want to be again. I hope you can see how much I love you and need you still, as I grow up.

Happy Mothers Day Mama

Love; Hannah Banana


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